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Check out some of the great resources available to members of The Hive!


Rewards & Consequences

Check out this resource for ideas of rewards and consequences that you can pull out of your sleeve whenever you need them!

Meet Suzanne & Brianna

We’re two teacher-moms who are passionate about helping you create a thriving household. We bring our extensive experiences as parents and educators and provide the tools to help you create your ideal lifestyle. Whether it’s defining priorities, questions about school, figuring out how to talk with your child’s teacher, determining age-appropriate expectations, setting up home routines, physical space--whatever!--we’re ready to dive into those essential questions and help you move from a place of merely surviving to thriving in your hive!

Do you crave peace in your home, but feel like you settle for crazy?

Are you navigating the years when your kids are in school and aren't quite sure what to expect?

Are your kids little, and you want to make sure you're on the right track for setting them up for success?

Are you in the teenage years, and you're not quite sure that your kids are ready to handle life on their own?

Do you have questions about helping your children cultivate their gifts and explore their interests?

Private Coaching Available!

Setting up routines and systems so your household runs smoothly.

Defining priorities for your family and creating a lifestyle that reflects those priorities.

Navigating school:  figuring out what's next after high school, talking to teachers, identifying grade-level expectations, etc.

Organizing the stuff--setting up an optimal physical space in your home.

Setting your children up for success by establishing age-appropriate expectations.

Happy Family

We’re ready to join you on your journey and help you thrive in your hive! Everyone in your family will benefit!

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